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Providing information technology solutions to samll business and home users. We help businesses keep up wtih the ever changing world of technology at an affordable cost...[learn more]
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If you are looking to create, edit or convert existing media, for advertising or personal use, we can help you...[learn more]
Our computer tutorials will help you learn to use your computer more efficiently. In here you will find tutorials in Spanish and English....[learn more]
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List of Services for Business and Home Office






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Network Administration

Our consultants will do the research, planning, installing and maintain your organization's network. If you already have an existing network, we will maintain and roll out any necessary upgrades.

Systems Administration

We will do necessary maintenance and upgrades on your computers, so that you don't have to worry about it. With weekly, bi-weekly or monthy follow ups, your systems will be operating at optimal performance.

On-Site Support

If at any time your network or any of your computers fail, we will come on-site to do the necessary repairs. We are available 24/7 to help you with all of your needs.

Remote Support

Whenever you need us, we are available to assis you 24/7, providing both onsite and remote support. Our software integrates seamlessly with your systems and gives us full control from anywhere.

Data Backup

In today's world, information is very important and it is very important to keep this information available at all times. PC Fix, Inc. will make sure that if your systems fails to respond or any data is lost due to user error, or any other unexpected event, you will have duplicate copy of that information in a safe place. We will do daily and weekly back ups. You will even have your data available through our web drive, as if it was local hard drive.

Electronic File Conversion

If your company has been using the conventional way of filing documents and information, we can help you trnasition into a paperless filing method. We will store and convert all your documents into electronic text documents.

Data Recovery

When the worse happens and you need to recovery valuable information, we are able to help you recover it for you.We will help you recover files and documents from your failed computer as long as the hard drive is not completely destroyed.

Anti-Virus and Firewall

Keep your network free of virus and other malicious programs and attacks from the internet. We will secure your network with both software and hardware firewalls.

Home & Office

Computer Repair

Computer and Laptop repairs are done in-house and onsite. If it is a hardware problem, we will determine if the repair needs to be done in-house or if it can be done onsite.

Home Network

If you need to allow more than one computer in your home office to connect to the internet, we can assist you in setting up your secured wired or wireless home network.

Remote Support

In case of a software or hardware issue, we can provide phone support and remote desktop support by accessing your desktop from any location. Our software will work seamlessly with your system.


When the worse happens and you are unable to boot your computer, we will get your system up and running. We will restore any previously saved data and recover lost data.

Virus Removal & Protection

We will remove viruses and set up anti-virus protection for your computer.


We will set up your firewall so that you are protected from outside attacks such as trojans and other malicious programs. We will confiugre you firewall so that you can browse the internet without any problems and still be safe from attacks.

Software Support

We also provide limited software support. We will tutor you on how to use your software and configure it the way you like it.

Web Design

At PC Fix, Inc. we offer our clients a variety of web solutions, from portal webpages to fully functional database driven e-commerce websites. We custom design them to fit the needs of our clients.


For businesses looking to market and sell their products online, we provide a cost-effective way of doing this through e-commerce sites.

HTML Websites

If you don't need to create interactive sites, and are only looking to present your company and product, HTML websites are the best option.

Dynamic Websites

For companies looking to provide an interactive presentation of their company profile and products, this is an excellent option.

Flash Websites

When first impression is extremely important, a beautiful flash interactive presentation will do the work. We can help you make that good first impression.

Database Driven

For businesses providing a wide range of products online, we recommend a database driven website. Keeping product information fresh and up-to-date while saving space and bandwidth.

Portal Webpage

If you are only looking to post a simple page for others to learn about you or your company, a portal webpage can be very cost effective.

Programming languages include:

ASP, ADO, SQL, HTML, DHTML, CSS, CGI, C/C++, VBScript, JavaScript, and Perl


Flash Media Presentation

When you need to create a presentation, we can help you create professinal looking flash presentations to be presented either from your laptop or for streaming from the internet.

Windows Media Streaming

If you need to provide video presentations or would like to have your videos available online, we have the solution. With our windows media streaming services, you videos will be available to everyone with access to your website.

Media Conversion

If you have old video tapes and would like to have them converted to DVD, we have the tools available for your digital conversion.

Web Hosting

If you are already an existing customer using one of web design or internet marketing services, you may already have web hosting included in your package at no extra cost. But if you are simply looking for web hosting without any additional packages, we have an affordable plan available as well.

Web Design Package

If you have one of our web design and development services, your web hosting is already included at no extra cost. You will have at least 5 databases available and enough web space and bandwidth to keep your site up and running.

Internet Marketing

If you have one of our internet marketing packages, your hosting may already be included at no extra cost. You can choose to have us host your website at no extra cost.

Internet Marketing

As a small business partner, PC Fix, Inc. is dedicated to provide clients with the best web marketing solutions, targeting the specific audience for their goods and services.

Web Design Package

For new clients looking to have their website designed and marketed by us, we will develop your website with specific keywords and submit it to over 60 search engines for best results. We will have you posted on local search engines, as well.

Existing Websites

If you already have a website and would like for us to help you get listed in the major search engines, we will optimize your website with the spcific keywords that search engines are looking for. We will provide you with up-to-date reports of your stats and ranking in the major search engines.

LCD/Plasma Install

For home user who have either an LCD Monitor or Plasma TV that they need to install, we are here to help. We can help you connect your computer to your LCD/Plasma TV, as well.

Full Setup

We will come to you when you are available and set up the wall mount and configure your LCD/Plasma to make sure it is working.


We will also provide repairs on LCD/Plasma TV's. We work with HP brands and other popular brands.

Computer Tutorials

Windows Operating Systems

We will help educate your employees in the use of Windows XP® and Windows Vista®. Your employees will learn to use all the tools available in their operating systems to improve their performance and efficiency.

Office Productivity Software

Tutorials in the use of Microsoft Office and other productivity software is also available. Your employees will learn to make better use of their email, word processing, spreadsheet and database software. Most computer users are unaware of the full potential their office productivity software has, and it is our job to make them aware of this and help them put these tools to better use.

Internet Research

Internet research is the practice of using the Internet, especially the World Wide Web, for research. To the extent that the Internet is widely and readily accessible to hundreds of millions of people in many parts of the world, it can provide practically instant information on most topics, and is having a profound impact on the way in which ideas are formed and knowledge is created. We will show you how to look up information in an efficient way, to avoid wasting too much time browsing through irrelevant pages.



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